invertedai.api.light(location: str, recurrent_states: Optional[str] = None, random_seed: Optional[int] = None) LightResponse[source]#

DEPRECATED! For maps with traffic lights, use iai.initialize() to get traffic light states instead. :param location: Location name in IAI format.

If recurrent_state is provided which is obtained from previous calls to light, next state is returned. Otherwise, a random state is generated which can be reproduced by setting the random_seed.

  • recurrent_states – Recurrent states for traffic lights, obtained from the previous call to light().

  • random_seed – Controls the stochastic aspects of agent behavior for reproducibility.

class invertedai.api.LightResponse(*, traffic_lights_states: Dict[int, TrafficLightState] = None, recurrent_states: str = None)[source]#

Response returned from an API call to iai.light().

recurrent_states: str#
traffic_lights_states: Dict[int, TrafficLightState]#