Source code for invertedai.api.location

import time
from pydantic import BaseModel, validate_arguments
from typing import Optional, List, Tuple

import invertedai as iai
from invertedai.api.config import TIMEOUT, should_use_mock_api
from invertedai.error import TryAgain
from invertedai.api.mock import get_mock_birdview

from invertedai.common import Point, Origin, Image, LocationMap, StaticMapActor

[docs]class LocationResponse(BaseModel): """ Response returned from an API call to :func:`iai.location_info`. """ version: str #: Map version. Matches the version in the input location string, if one was specified. max_agent_number: int #: Maximum number of agents recommended in the location. Use more at your own risk. bounding_polygon: Optional[ List[Point] ] #: Convex polygon denoting the boundary of the supported area within the location. birdview_image: Image #: Visualization of the location. osm_map: Optional[LocationMap] #: Underlying map annotation, returned if `include_map_source` was set. map_center: Point #: The x,y coordinate of the center of the map. map_fov: float #: The field of view in meters for the birdview image. static_actors: List[StaticMapActor] #: Lists traffic lights with their IDs and locations.
[docs]@validate_arguments def location_info( location: str, include_map_source: bool = False, rendering_fov: Optional[int] = None, rendering_center: Optional[Tuple[float, float]] = None, ) -> LocationResponse: """ Provides static information about a given location. Parameters ---------- location: Location string in IAI format. include_map_source: Whether to return full map specification in Lanelet2 OSM format. This significantly increases the response size, consuming more network resources. rendering_fov: Optional fov for both x and y axis for the rendered birdview in meters. rendering_center: Optional center x,y coordinates for the rendered birdview. See Also -------- :func:`drive` :func:`initialize` :func:`light` :func:`blame` """ if should_use_mock_api(): response = LocationResponse( version="v0.0.0", birdview_image=get_mock_birdview(), osm_map=None, static_actors=[], bounding_polygon=[], max_agent_number=10, ) return response start = time.time() timeout = TIMEOUT params = {"location": location, "include_map_source": include_map_source, "rendering_fov": rendering_fov, "rendering_center": ",".join([str(rendering_center[0]), str(rendering_center[1])]) if rendering_center else rendering_center} while True: try: response = iai.session.request(model="location_info", params=params) if response['bounding_polygon'] is not None: response['bounding_polygon'] = [Point(x=x, y=y) for (x, y) in response['bounding_polygon']] if response["static_actors"] is not None: response["static_actors"] = [ StaticMapActor.fromdict(actor) for actor in response["static_actors"] ] if response["osm_map"] is not None: response["osm_map"] = LocationMap( encoded_map=response["osm_map"], origin=Origin.fromlist( response["map_origin"])) del response["map_origin"] response["map_center"] = Point.fromlist(response["map_center"]) response['birdview_image'] = Image.fromval(response['birdview_image']) return LocationResponse(**response) except TryAgain as e: if timeout is not None and time.time() > start + timeout: raise e"Waiting for model to warm up", error=e))